About Us

We are a team of developers who are passionate about finding solutions to problems that businesses face every day. Notify on Death was created after we were approached by an elder law attorney who was frustrated by the amount of staff and time it took to stay up to date on wills that needed to be executed. The staff would have to constantly search town, state, and national records for their clients.

To our surprise, there was no simple way to get notified if someone had died. We quickly learned that this was not just a problem that attorneys were facing but that tax collectors, doctors, researchers, and many others were also facing. We created this tool in the hopes to start the modernization of the age-old death industry.

Our team is led by an applied mathematician whose work in machine learning has made development of this tool possible. We want to make Notify on Death’s services as inexpensive as possible and this requires highly optimized search algorithms and processing. We are constantly working to improve our services, add new features, and bring new ideas online. If you have suggestions, ideas, or comments reach out!